To forget to be born (The space anti-Utopia of the Bible of Emptiness)


Anything is error, except of the Nothing which leads to the Power! There is nothing existing, except of the Nothing to the Power. Absolute Power is indissoluble: Domination as Emptiness to the Power is the Power as Nothing to Domination.

(azSacra zaRathustra)


 "There is no nihilist who would be not consumed by thirst for any catastrophic "yes", - the Romanian thinker Emil Cioran confirmed. The history of mankind is a procession of phantoms, a loop which conducts from the Non-existence to the Non-existence. It, the Non-existence, also is the original Absolute, infinity of Spirit at a zero matter. Everybody represent himself as a latent Non-existence. One fine day the mankind will dump a mask.


Each civilization waits for its Apocalypse . And the mankind taken as a whole - is not an exception. The doomsday will not necessarily come, when angel will sound, or the asteroid will arrive, or when there will be a global nuclear explosion or still with any effective way. Actually it already comes. And this began when the first people have broken fruits from a knowledge tree, or when they have found reason. Where the ignorance means a blessing, there madly to be a wise man. Any intellectual progress is accompanied by emotional loss. The reason is a kind of unnatural illness of the Universe just as the Universe itself is an illness of the Non-existence. To look, but not to understand - in this a Paradise consists. The mankind which has left a Paradise has initially been doomed to a hell. Work, death and reason became our destiny.


Everything is a pain. "Why not to admit existence of such a God which eats our pain?" -  the Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno asked. The vigorous illusions of those whom the horror lottery has not seized  yet is a sneer concerning tragedies which continuously occur in various corners of our  terrestrial hell. Some kind of vulgar optimism, based on a principle: "You will die today, and I will die tomorrow, but while it does not happen, I will dance ". Thereupon the British thinker J. Stewart Mill saw only one alternative: "It is better to be a dissatisfied person, than a happy pig ". Even having run away from a hell, people recreate it in another place because it is good only there where we are not present. It is worst of all that a majority of mankind does not fear a religious hell any more for this hell is not quite terrible in comparison with the horrors of our terrestrial hell. I think that somebody will close both of them as unnecessary.


The occurrence of the world as well as a birth of a person is the result of a blind act of madness. "Not to be born - this is the most reasonable", - so the Greek tragic hero Edip confirmed. An intense activity and a self-deception require the existence of each other. "All live is unreasonable and all reasonable is directed against a life. The basis of tragic feeling of a life consists in it", - Miguel de Unamuno wrote. Maybe it would be better to create something better than our existence is?


We see that so-called "simple people" gradually disappear from our world. The simple subject usually has no parts. The simple person is a kind of walking instinct. The others periodically reflect. "Suicide is an existential conclusion of pure thinking ", - the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard confirmed. Intellectual progress conducts to growth of sufferings connected with consciousness of senselessness of a life. Simultaneously there is a clearing of intelligence from power of instinct. We love the world not because it is fine, but because we are obliged to love. So our instinct orders to us.


The basic motives of a self-preserving behaviour are the following:

1) Our instinct.

2) Our tradition.

3) Our attachment to relatives.

4) Our social responsibility.

5) Our habit to live.

Modernization destroys all these motives together with liquidation of poverty, development of education, destruction of institute of a family, emancipation of women, bringing down a religion on a position of collective psychotherapy. There comes individualism everywhere.  In 1960th years in Spain and Portugal there were dictatorships which strengthened the influence of army and church therefore the highest level of birth rate in Europe was marked there. Totalitarian dictatorships, as well as religions, are directed against intellect and their force consists in it. They not only assert that the world copes by irrational forces, but preach the irrational relation to the world, i.e. irrationalism. They proclaim essentially antireasonable cheerful myth for the purpose to cause general enthusiasm and readiness for collective fulfillments. On the one hand they tend to send different far-outers to the Non-existence and their humanism is based on it (though ungrateful far-outers do not understand their happiness and usually bear malice). On the other hand, they intend to increase birth rate because priests require flock, and tyrants require soldiers. In a word, when liberalization has come to Portugal and to Spain, during any 30 years their population has started to decrease promptly. Today the unwillingness to have children appears more strongly in comparison with church interdictions. The religion recedes before a condom.


In 1776 the British economist Adam Smith wrote: "Poverty favours to reproduction ". It is possible to add that education prevents the reproduction, because the educated people and especially educated women usually obtain absolutely artificial, unnatural direction of interests. Demographic researches give us steady law: in families with high income and with high educational level birth rate indicators always were, is and will be categorically more low, than in families with the smaller income and educational level. Separate exceptions which can be found out here also confirm this rule. It turns out that in a process of involving of all the new peoples in modernization, they  inevitably will start to die out  too. It would occur even if the indigenous population of Europe will completely disappear, and its place will be occupied with migrants and their descendants. Being overturned in future, this global tendency in the long term leads mankind to absolute zero.


 About what it is impossible to tell anything? About this it is necessary to tell Nothing! The definitive thought can be finished only with presence of a fair share of ferocity. In 2008 the 1000-paged Bible of Emptiness was published in Russia. This book of books is severely predicting the Absolute Rupture of Spirit. The editions of the book in India (Astha Associates, Allahabad) and in the USA (Grey Wolves, New York) also is prepared. The composer of the book is the famous Russian poet and thinker azSacra Zarathustra. "All concepts and ideas of nihilism both in the East, and in the West have fallen into decay. Everything, even regal forms of nihilism, do not work any more. But something/anything other comes nearer - Nothing to the Power and Emptiness for Domination. In all lives it will be formed the new union of the void-  a knot of lightings, i.e. connection of the most extreme form of sensuality and the most maximum extra-form of detachment or the Super-power of Non-existence. Excess of the excess approaches, - thus azSacra zaRathustra predicts. Leaving in the Non-existence is a life in infinity of Spirit. We will force Spirit History to stop only at a unique stage - the Absolute Rupture to which the greatest book created by Spirit in a loop of history of mankind is devoted. It is a post scriptum for the Universe.


Without this book of books leaving of the mankind would not obtain sense. For the mankind will repeat the error peculiar to all without an exception leaving - will leave too late. Not the one who is released from the Non-existence can be considered as the free, but the one who is capable to seize it. It means Nothing to the Power and Emptiness to Domination. In any case, the Non-existence should be deserved.

Who is guilty?  Anybody.

What to do? To forget to be born, that to recollect Nothing before its birth.